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7 Tips To Train Your Brain

By doing something different than usual, you ensure that your brain remains flexible and creates new connections. The connections that are used also become stronger. Research shows that stronger connections are more resilient to the complaints associated with dementia.

Tip 1: start learning a foreign language

This way you come into contact with other interested parties and you learn the language of your favorite holiday country. Or really challenge your brain by learning a language with different writing, such as Chinese.

Tip 2: subscribe to the newspaper

This way you stay up-to-date about what is happening, you read, you come into contact with new insights and you can do various puzzles.

Tip 3: learn to play an instrument

If you don’t want to take a lesson, many instruments have exercise books and videos available on the Internet or YouTube.

Tip 4: cook a new dish

New dishes require different cooking techniques. You can also look for new ingredients.

Tip 5: Go for a walk in a new environment with a friend

Exercise is good for the health of your brain. It ensures the production of new brain cells and connections and an improved blood supply in the brain. By walking in a different environment , you keep your brain flexible.

Tip 6: Subscribe to the library

You can read any books you want, which also keeps the brain vital.

Tip 7: Play a game more often

Memory, chess or bridging are good for the brain and also very nice.

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