Typical Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Bodybuilding is a kind of sport which needs discipline in weight room as well as at the dinner table. In fact, a lot of body builders can tell you that good diet is as significant as pumping iron. You cannot get good results in one part without the other. Bodybuilding diet plan will incorporate plenty of vegetables and proteins, small quantity of healthy fats and whole-grain carbohydrates. When you eat this way, you fuels the body, helps the muscles grow faster and at the same time limits the fat amount you will gain. So any person who wants to be a bodybuilder has to plan on the diet that contains all these.


Bodybuilders normally abide by the diet which consists of five or even six smaller meals every day, as opposed to traditional big three meals of: breakfast, lunch plus dinner. This enables the bodybuilders to give their bodies the needed strength as well as endurance for a challenging training routine. It as well goes toward muscle development and definition since it helps to keep the body in anabolic state that builds muscle tissue.


Protein is said to be the fuel for the muscles. Since the body can only take in a small protein amount at a time, it is recommended to consume small quantity of lean protein during the day. Best sources comprise of egg whites, fish, protein shakes and lean poultry.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables along with fruits provide you with vitamins, minerals and fiber as well. It will also fill you up without many calories. Eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables such as peppers, celery, lettuce and tomatoes. Bear in mind that you should limit fruits to one or two servings due to their high content of sugar.


Carbohydrates are very important since it provide energy for cardiovascular workouts. The important thing here is to select whole grains then watch portion sizes to ensure that you do not consume too much. Eat one cup of rice, cereal or whole grain pasta, or some slices of wheat bread. Always count starchy carbohydrates, for example potatoes, as grain serving.


Your building muscles will not show if they are covered with a layer of fat. Choose a diet with low fat, and always ensure that the fats you eat are healthy, for instance, nuts, avocados, olive oil and seeds. You can pick lean meats so that you can get little fat as well as protein at the same time.


When you follow an intense routine of body building, it is crucial to drink a lot of water. Water usually helps with significant functions, for example muscle building as well as fat burning. Any bodybuilder should drink anywhere from 6 to 8 oz. glasses of water every day. Keep in mind that water increases the metabolism as well as the energy levels.

While several individuals enter the bodybuilding routine to get muscle, the overall objective is to get in a good shape and feel good. So exercising well and following a bodybuilding diet plan is a best way to achieve all of the above.

Protein Powders vs Whole Foods I Anabolic Bodybuilding

Protein Powders vs Whole Foods is a debate that is always talked about. But, if you research this and read the opinions of many professional bodybuilders and nutrition experts you’ll find that most claim whole foods are superior to protein powders for both your health and building muscle.

Whey Protein and Building Muscle: The Making of Protein Powders

protein powder vs whole foods

Let’s first take a look at how protein powder is made, such as whey protein. Whey comes from milk and is noted to be the highest quality source of protein available (even more so than whole food sources of protein, which is why this question is one that comes up a lot). Whey protein also has the highest level of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) than any food source. But we all know how important quality protein and BCAAs are to building muscle.

Whey gives us lean muscle, increased recovery time from workouts, and also has positive effects on metabolic rate. It’s also quickly absorbed making it brilliant for post workout shakes/meals. But that’s just the basic information of whey protein.

Just as science has progressed over the years as has the quality of protein powders. For example, there are different types of whey protein (means of processing are listed here as well) such as whey isolate, whey concentrate, micro-filtered and many more. Most of today’s whey protein products have a combination of these.

There are other types of protein powders as well such as casein and egg protein. Some of the whey products may contain these other types of proteins to allow for both fast and slow absorption (brilliant to take just before going to bed).

The Power of Whole Foods for Building Muscle

One of the main contributions whole foods gives us towards muscle gains as well as burning off fat is the overall nutritional value.

Certain foods have nutrients that are necessary not just for muscle recovery but also for the body to work properly. If you’re body doesn’t get the nutrients needed then it won’t matter how much protein you get; you won’t build quality muscle.

A great example of whole food sources that contain protein along with other essentials are:

  • Eggs – whole eggs are high in protein, healthy fats, they help lower bad cholesterol levels while raising the good, and they’re packed with amino acids as well as vitamins.
  • Fish – certain types of fish also have natural healthy fats which offer numerous health benefits (which in turn equates to muscle building benefits) such as preventing heart disease, aiding in fat loss, lubricating joints, and can also help fight off several illnesses and diseases.
  • Steak and beef – are great sources of protein which also include B vitamins and can assist in strengthening bones.
  • Pork and chicken – are also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Your body also needs a balance of carbohydrates and healthy fats that you won’t get with protein powders alone (although many mix foods like bananas, milk and peanut butter in their protein shakes.. Taking in carbs after an intense workout is beneficial to building muscle (I won’t get into the specifics of simple and complex carbs for this article). Whole grains give your body the ability to fight off countless diseases and ailments. Fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and can also prevent an array of diseases.

The bottom line is whether you’re into weight training or not, your body craves the nutritional value of whole foods. You need certain nutrients to fight off diseases, which would obviously get in the way of building muscle, and you need these nutrients to recover and rebuild muscle tissue. Let’s not forget about our overall health and long-term quality of life.

**Protein Shake and Whole Food Meal Cycle**

So which is better for building muscle, whole foods or protein powders?

If you had to choose between the two it’s pretty obvious that whole foods are best. However, adding protein shakes to your nutrition plan along with whole foods can prove to be more beneficial than whole foods alone.

For starters, your body needs to quickly absorb protein after intense workouts to start the muscle recovery process. Whey is hands-down the best source of protein to do the job (I must note that carbohydrates are also important post workout). Also, protein shakes can be a convenient means to maintaining a positive nitrogen balance between meals throughout the day which can enhance muscle growth.

Below I’ll discuss adding whole foods to your protein shakes. The intent is still not to replace whole food meals but I’ll give you some options and recipes for making high quality whey protein-based shakes and meals.

Protein Shakes + Whole Food for Post Workout Meal

Now here’s a time where protein powder may actually be more beneficial than whole foods; post workout. Your muscles are screaming for nutrients after an intense workout. Not to get off topic but many bodybuilders and weight trainers these days, myself included, take some sort of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) or EAA (essential amino acids) supplement immediately after their workouts. I actually start sipping on a BCAA supplement during the last few sets of my workout and follow that up with my post workout shake about 20 minutes or later. I say that to stress the importance of protein in your body as quickly as possible and there’s no better protein to do the job than whey protein. I feel you also need some simple carbohydrates and well as healthy fats for this meal. Here’s a shake recipe I’ve been doing after every workout for the past several weeks from the time of posting this article.

My Post Workout Shake

  • 10-12 ounces of milk (usually 2%)
  • 2 scoops of whey protein
  • (I’ve been using Organifi Green Juice Protein Powder– click here for my review)
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 serving of all natural peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Using Protein Powders In-Between Whole Food Meals
  • Alternative Option: Organifi Green Juice

About an hour after my post workout protein shake, which again is not just protein powder but a combination of protein powder and whole foods, I have a whole food meal. I train in the early mornings and I’m usually drinking my post workout shake, Post Workout Meal 1, around 6:30AM and follow that up with Post Workout Meal 2 around 7:30AM.

Post Workout Meal 2 usually consists of several whole eggs, grits, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, water, and a small glass of orange juice. So here we start out the day with a good example of utilizing protein powders and whole food meals for maximum muscle growth and recovery.

I’m going to personalize this a bit further and give you an example of my daily eating schedule during the week. I’ve been following this nutrition plan for quite some time now and it seems to work well for me as my energy levels are fairly consistent throughout the day.

Here’s what my day looks like (this is at least fairly close anyway):

4:40AM – 1 scoop of whey followed by pre workout mix
6:30AM – Post Workout Meal 1 (the shake recipe I posted above)
7:30AM – Post Workout Meal 2 (the whole food meal I posted above)
9:30AM – Usually a whole food snack such as beef jerky or nuts, but sometimes I may take a scoop of whey)
12:00PM – Whole food meal for lunch such as steak or chicken, with rice and vegetables
3:30PM – Protein powder with milk and I may add a sandwich to that if it’s leg or back day for the extra calories)
6:00PM – Whole food meal for dinner; usually the same type of meal as lunch
9:00PM – Bed time shake; protein powder with milk and sometimes I add a teaspoon of natural peanut butter


So to summaries this protein powders vs whole foods debate, its safe to say whole foods are better because you need the nutrients from whole foods you can’t get from protein powders alone. Without those nutrients you’ll be depriving yourself of muscle gains, not to mention these nutrients are required for overall health and for your body to function properly. But you may find that a combination of protein powders and whole foods are best for maximum muscle growth. In saying that, and I’ll end with this, you should get the majority of your nutrition from whole foods.

The Best 10 Health Benefits Of Green Superfood

Nowadays, being in good health is becoming a much more difficult task to achieve. Days are always so busy that we mostly end up running behind work, leaving our health way behind. Like always, we are mostly good at bringing things down into one single thing. So when most of the nutrients and vitamins are put together, they can be called as Green Superfoods. They are a mixture of some of the finest and unique ingredients that are very vital for the body. Let us take a look at some of the green superfoods benefits.

What Makes the Green Superfoods?

Benefits Of Green Superfood
The green superfood is a lavish blend of organic vegetables, along with the lush leafy greens that contain most of the minerals and vitamins. It includes the Wheat grass, Barley grass, Chlorella, Spinach and the like. It also contains special digestive ingredients which are soft on the stomach and helps with diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. One of the most healthiest food that you will never say no to!

Best Green Superfood Benefits

Metabolism Boosters
Controls Blood Pressure
Reduces Appetite
Controls HIV/ Aids
Prevents Cancer
Detoxes Heavy Metal
Energy Boosters
Helps in Weight Loss
Lower Stroke Rate

A lot of ingredients that are included in the green superfoods are antioxidant rich. They include green tea extract, wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, broccoli powder etc which contains the green pigment. It is this green pigment, the chlorophyll that makes the antioxidants work like magic. They are responsible for neutralizing the cells that get in the way of proper growth or those that lead to diseases like cancer etc.

Metabolism Boosters

Proper metabolism in the body plays a major role when it comes to keeping the body fit. Taking the right amount of carbs in the morning helps with keeping the body healthy. The body needs the right kind of food to convert it into the energy that is required by the brain. If the right food is not taken, it will be converted into fat.

Controls Blood Pressure

Spirulina is another main ingredient that is included in the green superfoods. A pigment called the Phycocyanin found in the spirulina, assists in the lowering of blood pressure. This is because of its antihypertensive qualities. Time to get those points down!

Reduces Appetite

A reduced appetite is actually a good thing. Surprised? This is how it actually works, the right food is converted into good energy for your brains and body. The remaining food is converted into fat which could lead to diseases like blood pressure and cholesterol. By eating balanced meals, your blood remains clean and the body stays fit!

Controls HIV/ Aids

In the countries like Korea, Japan and Chad have a lesser population with HIV. Based on a study in 2012, researchers conducted on people with HIV. One group was made to have 5 gms of brown seaweed and another was made to have 5 gms of spirulina and another was made to have both. It resulted in reducing the HIV load and increased the infection-fighting cells.

Prevents Cancer

Spirulina is known to increase the production of antibodies, immunity cells, and infection-fighting proteins. Due to this quality, it is no surprise that it helps fight infections and prevents cancer. It is also an able antioxidant and anti-proliferative agent, which helps fight cholesterol as well. Research also suggests that it helps in reducing the generation of cancer cells. All research are pointing towards a thumbs up!

Detoxes Heavy Metal

Toxicity is a major problem that is affecting people all over the globe. People around the East in places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India are the most affected with a lot of arsenic toxic affecting the body. During a research, when blue- green algae were administered to patients with chronic arsenic toxicity, there was a lot of improvement. The toxic was decreased by about 47% which is a huge difference and can take away the toxicity in no time.

Energy Boosters

People who consume the green superfoods on a regular basis seems to have more energy in store. It is recommended that you take this energy booster instead of your coffee dose. Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, it is going to have the same effect as that as your morning drinks. But this is going to be with no added sugars, but with all the added nutrients. So help yourself to a good serve of your green superfoods!

Helps in Weight Loss

Since there is a heap of vitamins and minerals in the superfoods and it is rich in -protein, it helps you in reducing your weight. With the added nutrients, you will feel less hungry and be content with even a small serving. Protein also helps to main lean tissue and reduces fat. So here is some weight loss in a super fast mode!

Lower Stroke Rate

These green superfoods are known to lower the intimal aorta surface by about 33%- 48%. This is useful for conditions like atherosclerosis. For those who have a balanced diet, it helps with the proper functioning of the heart. Even taking the green superfoods can help in keeping your heart in a good condition especially while aging.

It is not for nothing that we had to watch popeye popping all those cans of spinach into his mouth! The greens really do have the ability to protect you internally and make those muscles grow. Just little scoops of these green superfoods will lead to giant healthy steps. All the magic bottled up for you in one place, now all you got to do is use it!

Little Known Ways To Rid Yourself Of Testosterone Booster

The very first thing that you’ll want to know earlier than choosing the perfect testosterone booster is that it is inconceivable to get a tablet containing testosterone hormone you could buy over-the-counter,” a minimum of in Western countries. As well as, oyster extract contains numerous the other crucial nutrients, including taurine, amino acids, omega 3, omega 6, and nutritional vitamins. Thus, this extract incorporates much vitamin D. Folks usually take not enough vitamin D. However this vitamin is a superb stimulator of testosterone production. It also enhances muscle strength and helps address the dearth of intercourse drive.

Image Source: clevescene.com

Testogen is a secure, testosterone boosting supplement constructed from eleven pure substances. It additionally contains the supporting components; DAA, Zinc, Magnesium, Ginseng, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K2 and the primary testosterone boosting meals – Oyster extract.

It is received a shorter ingredients record than the opposite two products above, nevertheless it nonetheless has some popular substances for a supplement in this class. Nothing in this world is perfect, and neither are testosterone supplements. They do come with some uncomfortable side effects, so be ready earlier than you are taking them.

Summary Fenugreek could assist regulate blood sugar ranges, increase breast milk manufacturing, and provide anti-inflammatory effects, but more analysis is needed. A: Testosterone has broad, systemic effects, however if you’re particularly seeking to increase muscle growth, there are a number of less-common ingredients you have to be on the lookout for.

Now you may have all of the data that you need to select the correct top 10 test boosters natural testosterone booster. In the end, we have carried out the analysis for you, so selecting one from our checklist that matches your goals will guarantee you the results you’ve been working towards.

Bottom line: CHECK HD is without doubt one of the better take a look at boosters on the market, coming from one of many prime complement firms testosterone boosters. MuscleTech is actually a name you can trust, and this product is a high quality, extremely efficient possibility.

It’s best to take note of the fact that solely the producers with the flawless reputation can guarantee the best safety of their products. That’s as a result of these manufacturers can afford to investigate the elements individually and the product formulas as an entire. The findings of these clinical trials provide proof concerning the absence of unwanted effects in testosterone boosters. That’s why your well being will not suffer if you undergo the supplementation. However if you wish to use the actually trustworthy dietary supplements which activate testosterone synthesis, you should choose the merchandise of exceptionally reliable manufacturers.

At any time when you should enhance your testosterone levels, performance and construct muscle, you can always rely on this testosterone booster from Prime Labs. This natural take a look at booster revitalizes and restores your manhood and as a result you can melt away belly fats whereas having more power to create lean, healthy muscle groups.

Sleep is an important component to any exercise routine. The best testosterone booster for men helps ensure that you get the correct vitamins to maintain extreme workouts, whereas selling deep and enjoyable sleep at night time. 3) B-Complicated nutritional vitamins: The complex acts decisively by turning the food into energy. Improves protein and metabolizes fat by increasing testosterone.

Simple Best Testosterone Booster Products – An Intro

Taking Testofuel can even aid you to decrease your physique fats. Since elevated ranges of testosterone in your system have been related to a greater temper, taking Testofuel may make it easier to expertise an improved mood. People could want to supplement their testosterone to counteract these pure results of aging. However, the doable advantages of taking testosterone need to be in a stability with the upper dangers of cardiovascular occasions.

Nutrisystem Dinner – Some of the Best Foods and Dining

Examples of some of the best (and my favorite) Nutrisystem Food and Dining

As this is the time of year when everyone begins to think finally fall those extra pounds, I started receiving emails asking me about some of the specifics of the Nutrisystem diet. I have been receiving many questions ask me about what types of foods they can eat, how this food tastes, and if the variety and convenience are there. In an attempt to address these concerns, I’ll give some examples of some of my favorite Nutrisystem foods (as well as a sample menu) which we hope will give a better idea of ​​what types of options foods you have on this diet.

Examples of my favorite foods Nutrisystem Breakfast:

nutrisystem new diet

Breakfast is very important to me and this diet is something unique, as it limits the amount of “bad” carbohydrates you consume, but still get to eat the foods that would otherwise be outside limits, such as cereals, bread, and pastries. Foods have been modified to be more “friendly glycemic,” but the results poor taste and are very attractive in order to have these options.

The type of food on the menu are breakfast foods like muffins (banana nut, blueberry, cinnamon bread, and chocolate;) pastries (apple strudel and chocolate;) cold cereal (granola, crispy rice squares, and contraction of ice cream;) hot cereal (oatmeal apple cinnamon oats and brown sugar;) and egg dishes and pancakes. Learn more about Calorie Diet

I pretty much enjoy all the food for breakfast, but my favorites are the pancakes and rolls. I just ate cereal instead because they are faster and allow me to be out the door quickly. Most of these foods in the morning are in the range of 100 calories, with less than 5 grams of sugar. Encourage you to add fresh sides like fruit to cereal or yogurt muffins.

Examples of Nutrisystem lunch: There are a lot of foods like soups (chicken noodle soup, meat, and vegetable) salads (Caesar, chicken and tuna;) and pasta/rice dishes (red beans and rice, rice and sausage, and cheese tortellini) in the lunch menu. You’re looking at about 200 calories of these dishes over and over are encouraged to add a new side. There are also granola bars and a turkey hot dog, all of which I like. I also like rice and sausage and tortellini.

Show Nutrisystem Dinner: Dinners are where you get to eat comfort foods such as ravioli, pizza, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, fajitas, burgers, pepper steak, and pork Bar B Que. There are plenty of options here, but these are some of my favorites. Dinner which is allowed as many calories. You’re looking at mid-range high-calorie 200. But still, once you add all three meals, snacks and desserts, and sides, you should be somewhere in the range of 1200 calories which is where you want to be to make relatively quick work of weight loss.

Nutrisystem Desserts and snacks: As I have a sweet tooth, these are probably my favorite food in the entire diet. Yes, the size of the portions is small here, but at least you can have these things. No chocolate cake, cookies, “sweet” bars, pudding, snack mixes, crackers, and chips, as some examples. They all seem to foods from the diet are relatively close mean that more or less hope that when you are in this diet, at least me.

A day’s worth of food in the diet of Nutrisystem (a sample menu:) Here is a day sample of the foods on this diet. For breakfast, it is possible that the pancakes with fruit. You can have lunch consisting of sausage and rice (with a side salad.) If you snack a half-day could be puffs of cheese and a diet soda. For dinner, have pizza dough with sour salad. For dessert, you can choose the diet of short strawberry cake. In my opinion, this is not really all bad. I’ve certainly had worse in terms of taste, variety, and restrictions.

The beauty of this plan is that you are eating fairly regularly, you do get to eat the foods you’re probably eating now (with some modifications), and still falling enough calories and carbohydrates to get into ketosis and hopefully lose a decent amount of weight relatively quickly.

Want to see the list of foods and to obtain resources to help you succeed in Nutrisystem? Nutrisystem Reviews Web Site offers information on diet, pictures of celebrity weight loss, a list of foods, the more coupons Nutrisystem / specials and a book Free e. Check it out if you like in https://mygreensdaily.com

1200 Calorie Diet: How to Do?

Have you heard of the 1200 calorie diet ? When it comes to weight loss, many doubts arise, especially when it comes to putting together an adequate menu that is low in calories and, at the same time, includes the necessary nutrients for the body.

So, those who are trying to lose weight can be inspired by this 1200 calorie diet. As the name says, it suggests not to exceed the caloric consumption by 1200 / day.

1200 calorie die

Sample menu for 1200 calorie diet

Whole grain French bread without crumbs
1 cup of skim milk
Minas frescal light cheese (small slice)
1 tablespoon light curd
2 tablespoons chopped papaya
(280 calories total)

Morning snack

Banana silver (medium)
Cinnamon powder
1 tablespoon of oat bran
(80 total calories)


2 small skimmers of rice full
1 shell of cooked carioca beans
1 medium fillet of grilled skinless chicken breast
3 medium lettuce leaves
2 tablespoons of grated carrot
3 slices of tomato
1 teaspoon of olive oil
(Total 360 calories)

Afternoon snack

1 gala apple
1 skimmed natural yogurt
(120 calories total)


2 small brown rice skimmers
1 shell of cooked carioca beans
4 tablespoons scrambled egg
2 tablespoons sauteed kale
4 medium units of cherry tomatoes
3 cucumber slices
1 tablespoon of flaxseed
(Total 360 calories)

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Foods That Help To Naturally Increase Testosterone

These are the foods that help to naturally increase testosterone in the blood

The testosterone is the male hormone par excellence and has, above all, an anabolic function besides intervening in our fitness. Therefore, if you want to naturally increase testosterone in the blood, these are the foods that can help you.

Why take care of testosterone levels

As the years go by , testosterone levels begin to drop, although it can also happen due to an alteration in metabolism and the endocrine system or as a consequence of stress or other bad habits.

(1) Preserving the levels of testosterone in the blood – implies keeping its functions intact and enjoying some benefits that it provides, such as:

(2) Reduce fatigue and promote recovery after intense – physical training , or also, improve physical performance and performance.

(3) Maintain good levels of muscle mass and keep body fat at bay , since muscle gain largely depends on this hormone and over time, when its levels drop, the percentage of fat increases, especially abdominal fat.

(4) Maintain high libido or what is the same, sexual desire , also contributing to having a healthy and active sex life because testosterone is necessary to have and sustain an erection.

(5) Take care of bone health by allowing the preservation of its structure when testosterone levels are adequate.

Foods to Increase Testosterone Naturally

If you start to notice symptoms of a drop in testosterone levels or if you simply want to preserve its proportion in the body despite the passage of time, these foods can help you achieve this:

Egg :

Proteins are key in preventing testosterone.Because the egg white is 100% high quality protein, we recommend its intake as part of the daily diet or whole egg that contains its white to stimulate the synthesis and production of testosterone .

Blue fish:

Fish with high fat content such as herring, salmon, sardines, anchovies or tuna not only provide quality fats to the body but also protein and vitamin D, which is a nutrient that affects testosterone levels. Therefore nothing better than to increase consumption of such fish rich in fats and vitamin D .

Fruits and vegetables :

Although in some cases they offer quality proteins, it is recommended the intake of several fruits and vegetables every day to obtain quality hydrates and also, antioxidants that keep the levels of cortisol in the body at bay, thus helping not slowing down testosterone production.

Oysters and clams :

They provide protein to the body but they are also an excellent source of zinc, a mineral closely linked to the production of testosterone.

Nuts and seeds :

They are also a source of zinc , provide antioxidants that can reduce cortisol in the blood and also provide quality fats and carbohydrates and enough energy that is required for the proper production of testosterone.

Paleo Gluten Free By Acclaimed Author Tina Turbin

Shakes To Lose Weight Good For Your Health

Smoothies help us eat more fruit and vegetables and fill our bodies with nutrients and vitamins.

The shakes to lose weight are shakes normally made with a higher proportion of vegetables than fruits to avoid going over sugar and calories. It is better to make them with a mixer than with a blender to preserve all the vitamins and fiber that the pulp and skin have.

Smoothie recipes for weight loss

To make these fruit and vegetable smoothies ideal for losing weight, keep in mind:

If it has been very consistent, add water or a vegetable drink.

Enrich them to your liking with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax or chia seeds and the spices you like, for example, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric or ginger.

To conserve all the fiber and nutrients of the fruit and vegetables, do not do them with a blender, use a hand mixer ,or a special mixer for smoothies.

Smoothie to lose weight and eliminate toxins

Although the body is already naturally detoxified through liver or sweat, some foods improve this function, such as lemon or green tea.


1 handful of spinach
4 artichoke hearts
Lemon juice
Green Tea

Anti-fatigue slimming shake

It is a smoothie that gives strength and revitalizes. It cleanses the intestine, improves constipation and cleanses the bladder and kidneys. It is also considered anti-anemic.


3 tablespoons of beet pulp
1/2 pear
1/4 avocado
1 pinch of sea salt

smoothies to lose weight and not retain liquids

If you tend to be bloated, this shake can help you not feel so heavy. Cucumber, melon and pineapple have a high water content and are very diuretic.


1/2 cucumber
1 slice of melon
1 slice of pineapple
3 strawberries

Smoothie to lose weight and get brunette

The carrot and apricot in this smoothie contain beta carotene, which helps prepare the skin for the sun, enhances tanning, and protects from the damaging effects of the sun.


1 carrot
1/2 apricot
1/4 of mango
4 strawberries

7 Tips To Train Your Brain

7 Tips To Train Your Brain

By doing something different than usual, you ensure that your brain remains flexible and creates new connections. The connections that are used also become stronger. Research shows that stronger connections are more resilient to the complaints associated with dementia.

Tip 1: start learning a foreign language

This way you come into contact with other interested parties and you learn the language of your favorite holiday country. Or really challenge your brain by learning a language with different writing, such as Chinese.

Tip 2: subscribe to the newspaper

This way you stay up-to-date about what is happening, you read, you come into contact with new insights and you can do various puzzles.

Tip 3: learn to play an instrument

If you don’t want to take a lesson, many instruments have exercise books and videos available on the Internet or YouTube.

Tip 4: cook a new dish

New dishes require different cooking techniques. You can also look for new ingredients.

Tip 5: Go for a walk in a new environment with a friend

Exercise is good for the health of your brain. It ensures the production of new brain cells and connections and an improved blood supply in the brain. By walking in a different environment , you keep your brain flexible.

Tip 6: Subscribe to the library

You can read any books you want, which also keeps the brain vital.

Tip 7: Play a game more often

Memory, chess or bridging are good for the brain and also very nice.

How to Gain Natural Muscle Mass

How to Gain Natural Muscle Mass

how do I gain muscle mass in a 100% natural way?

Guys, always remembering that if you want to have a dry gain, a gross gain, a fat burning, you can count on my help.

how do I make dry gains, but in a natural way. Because with anabolic steroids I understood that it is less blurry, it is not that it is easy, but it is less blurry. First, we have to start by detailing what a dry gain is.

How to Gain Muscle Mass Correctly

Most people think that dry gain is gaining muscle mass without gaining body fat. When in fact the dry gain is gaining muscle mass with the least amount of fat possible. In some cases, in fact, there is a way for you to gain muscle mass without gaining natural body fat.

When we talk about a beginner individual, who has a violent breakdown of homeostasis. The body sees no other way than to increase its muscle mass, even with a caloric balance that is not so excessive. And, legalsteriodsthatwork, why do I need a positive calorie balance to gain muscle mass? I didn’t understand where this comes from! You see, we have to understand that the positive nitrogen balance normally requires a positive calorie balance.

Because to synthesize 1 gram of nitrogen we will need about 25 grams of protein and, consequently, therefore to synthesize this, to incorporate this protein, you will need 100 to 200 calories from non-protein sources. So you already understood that it is very difficult for you to build muscle mass with protein alone, because for protein to be broken, to be fixed and incorporated, this requires energy. Right?

Caloric Balance To Gain Muscle Mass

This is a metabolic process that requires energy expenditure, so you need to eat calories. And don’t spend as little as you may have seen. Understanding this, you realize that the positive calorie balance promotes easier muscle mass gain, a more favorable environment. But also, with a positive caloric balance, we will also have a little extra calories, and this can be stored in a little bit of body fat. It’s part of it!

Now, how do I go about being as little as possible? Then we have some interventions. First, we have to know that if our health is 100% OK. So, it takes a battery of exams. What exams do I do?

Final considerations

Doing it this way, remembering aerobics, training correctly, always with a balanced training schedule so that you do not generate over training, but also do not lack stimulus. However, you will be able to grow as dry as possible. Remembering that the driest possible is not without increasing the BF, but with the least amount of fat that we get in bulking, in building muscle mass…

What Is The Paleo Diet